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ICICI Bank offers a range of corporate banking services tailored to your specific needs.

ICICI Bank manages one of the largest treasuries in India. The Bahrain Branch treasury complements the Indian operations and offers a complete suite of Treasury Products in GCC and other major currencies.
Corporate Finance
ICICI Bank offers a complete suite of products in the area of Corporate Finance to address your specific requirements.

Trade Finance
ICICI Bank offers a comprehensive range of services to facilitate exports and imports. These include a wide range of standard services as well as customised solutions for specific business requirements.

Structured Finance
ICICI Bank is the undisputed leader in structured finance in India. Our experience and expertise provides an excellent platform to add value to your business.

Syndicated Loans
ICICI Bank arranges foreign currency financing for corporates through syndicated loans, bonds, floating rate notes, lines of credit from foreign banks & financial institutions and loans from export credit agencies.