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Internet Banking Safety Measures
Use Internet Banking To Minimise The Risk of Fraud
Tips For Use When Banking Through The Internet
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Use Internet Banking To Minimise The Risk of Fraud
  1. Utilize paperless options. Restrict receipt of paper statements by subscribing to e-mailed bank account statements.

  2. Monitor your account activity regularly by checking your balances and statements. This helps you to detect fraudulent transactions, if any, quickly. The earlier a fraud is detected, the lesser will be its financial impact.

  3. Restrict the use of cheques. Transfer funds online between your ICICI Bank Bahrain accounts or send money to other ICICI Bank and non-ICICI Bank customers through icicibankbahrain.com.

  4. Communicate with the bank through the secure mailbox option at icicibankbahrain.com.

Tips For Use When Banking Through The Internet
  1. Avoid accessing your Internet Banking account from a cyber cafe or a shared computer. However, if you happen to do so change your passwords from your own computer.

  2. Every time you complete your online banking session, log off from the online account at icicibankbahrain.com. Do not just close your browser.

  3. To access ICICI Bank's Internet Banking, always type in the correct URL (http://www.icicibankbahrain.com/) into your browser window. Never click a link that offers to take you to our website.

  4. If your log-in IDs or passwords appear automatically on the sign-in page of a secure website, you should disable the "Auto Complete" function to increase the security of your information.
    To disable the "Auto Complete" function:
    1. Open Internet Explorer and click "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "Content".
    2. Under "Personal Information", click "Auto Complete".
    3. Uncheck "User names and passwords on forms" and click "Clear Passwords".
    4. Click "OK".

  5. Change your Internet Banking passwords (both log-in password and transaction password) after your first log-in, and thereafter regularly (at least once in a month).

  6. Your password should be complex and difficult for others to guess. Use letters, numbers and special characters [such as !,@, #,$, %, ^, &,* (, )] in your passwords.

  7. For additional security to financial transactions through Internet Banking, create and maintain different passwords for log-in and for transactions.

  8. If you have more than one Internet Banking user ID, use a different password for each of the user IDs.

  9. Never share your Internet Banking passwords with others, even family members. Do not reveal them to anybody, not even to an ICICI Bank employee.

  10. Always check the last log-in to your Internet Banking account. Log in to icicibankbahrain.com and see the left hand side of the "My Accounts" page to view the date and time of your last log-in.

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  1. If you forget your password
  2. If you are unable to log in to your Internet Banking account.
  3. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account.
Please call our Customer Care on +973 17576161 or visit our ICICI Bank Bahrain Branch or email us on bahrain@icicibank.com